Acquisition Marketing

Our goal is to deliver Reach, Relevance and Results (internally known as the 3 R’s) to each of our clients. With access to over 120M+ consumer records, we feel our reach is second to none. Everyone knows that you can have the best products and the best ideas, but without reaching your target market, how good is it? Whether you want to target by demographic, sociographic, physiographic or just plain age or gender, we are just the place for you. Our team works to find the right mix of data and offer placement, as well as casting a wide enough net to win over your competition. At the end of the day, the relevance of a product is what is going to make a consumer purchase or not. With our ability to match the right offer with the right consumer, there is now a better way of marketing your product, brand and/or service in a cost effective way. Our experienced staff of Sales Executives have been in the industry for years and know just what your costumers are thinking.

Our Services include:

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